Pick Your Own (literally)

Very little surprises me these days, but the massive, wild raspberry bush that has multiplied in our backyard is a true wonder.  A couple years ago, our neighbor gave us three short stumpy looking plants that we accepted hesitantly with an inward smirk.  Last year we got about 6 raspberries out of them and seriously considered ripping them out.  This summer, the early heat and buckets upon buckets of rain have done some magic with these unruly plants because it seemed as though we just turned around and suddenly they were taller than me and wider than a mile.  I’ve already picked two pints like this one and there are many many more coming.


This isn’t a stellar photo, but I was too excited to make a big production of the moment and just grabbed my iphone instead of the fancy camera.  I’m very proud of myself for braving the bees all around the bush.  We need the bees (no bees no food), but I used to avoid them for fear of getting stung.   Well, if you want berries, you have to have an understanding with the bees.  I won’t bother you, you won’t bother me.  This is the little phrase I say quietly as I pluck away….

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